Limes  4.8.1
C++ utilities and building blocks

FindLimes.cmake is a find module for Limes that Limes maintains in its source tree (in the scripts/ directory); you can copy this file verbatim into the source tree of a project that depends on Limes, and then call find_package(Limes) from that project and everything will work out of the box, even if Limes isn't installed on your system.

The purpose of this find module is to fetch the Limes source code from GitHub at CMake configure time, so your project's configuration won't fail if Limes can't be found on the system. This same design pattern is how Limes consumes its CMake dependency, Oranges.

Usage of this find module is entirely optional, it is merely a convenience measure.


If a CMake or environment variable with this name is set, FindLimes.cmake will simply call add_subdirectory() on this directory. This option can be used to route find_package() calls to a local copy of the Limes source code.