Limes  4.8.1
C++ utilities and building blocks
Limes documentation
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Ben Vining
2020 - 2022

Limes is a collection of C++ libraries providing both low-level utilities and high-level abstractions that I have found useful to have in a centralized location.

Limes also provides a few small command-line utilities built using these libraries, and some CMake scripts for integrating Limes features into your build.

Limes consists of the following libraries:

Name Description Dependencies
limes_audio Realtime audio utilities limes_data_structures
limes_core Core utilities None
limes_data_structures Data structures limes_vecops
limes_locale Localization utilities limes_data_structures
limes_midi MIDI utilities limes_core
limes_music Music theory utilities limes_data_structures
limes_vecops SIMD operations for vectors limes_core

And the following command line utilities:

Name Description
FileUtil OS-agnostic interface for a wide variety of filesystem tasks
BinaryBuilder Generates C++ source files which embed binary data files

The following reference manuals are available:

Here is the dependency graph for Limes: